Furnishing a Small Space?

Whether you live in a small home, condo or apartment, finding the right furniture for a smaller space is key to keeping your home feeling uncluttered and peaceful. Finding the right furniture Las Vegas can sometimes be a problem because sometimes you just don’t know where to start. But it doesn’t have to be frustrating, Big’s Furniture can help. Here are some of the best ways to keep your space open and airy, and filled with all the things you love and need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live in the city.

  • Choose furniture for the space. Traditional couches and chairs tend to have big, bulky arms and that can cramp space. Instead, choose arm chairs and European style futons that have no arms or short arms. Choose furniture that can pull double duty as often as possible. Don’t understand? Many ottomans, chaises, and even chairs now pull double duty as storage containers where you can place blankets, pillows, books, and other items that clutter the room.
  • Limit the number of pieces of furniture. People are collectors and love to collect everything, whether they like to admit it or not. And the worst thing you can do for your home is to collect furniture. Limit the total number of pieces of furniture and décor in every area of your home to protect against clutter.
  • Choose décor in the right colors. The best furniture in Las Vegas and other big city (aka tiny) living spaces can sport are those with light, airy colors. Pastels, yellows, and other brightening colors will make the rooms in your tiny place seem more expansive.
  • Think about where you’re positioning the furniture. Do not block windows, doorways, direct walking paths, and other critical areas of your home when placing furniture. You needn’t push all the furniture up against walls either. It can be much better for the space of a room if you pull chairs and tables out slightly from walls and four side of space around them.
  • Choose additional décor carefully. Rugs are always a great touch in any home, but choose one that is too big and you’ll suck the “space” right out of the room in a hurry. Rugs should have plenty of floor space between them and each wall to create visually expanded space. Opt for larger pieces as opposed to many small pieces—like one big piece of art that you love as opposed to many small pieces, just like you did with furniture.

The most important thing you can remember when you’re decorating a small space is that it should reflect who you are without cramping your style or your ability to live there. Decorating a small space can have it challenges so choose wisely to allow for your personal space to be both beautiful and functional. Big’s Furniture offers all types of space saving furniture Las Vegas. Visit one of our two locations across the valley to see these pieces in person or browse our website for hundreds of items that will help complete your space. You can always call to speak directly to our knowledgable sales associates to help you find the perfect pieces at 702.435.0400