5 Seating Options for Extra Guest

The holidays are over but hosting season never ends. Whether you’re a casual host that invites friends to lounge on the couch to watch Sunday football, or a more formal host who invites friends over for dinner parties, there’s always a need for more seating. The majority of us can agree, there has been a time while preparing to host an event that you wondered, where is everyone going to sit? So we’ve complied some ideas for extra seating for guest – that aren’t plastic chairs!

  • Ottomans – ottomans are the ultimate way to add extra seating. Ottomans can be staples in a living area but also provide a comfortable way to add everyday style and to pop your feet on and watch television when guest aren’t around.


  • Stackable chairs/barstools – stackable chairs don’t have to an eyesore. They now come in stainless steel, a variety of colors and are ultra stylish. They are easy to stack and store away when your guest leave. They’re perfect to add seating to a dinner party or just pop into a living area for more guest to lounge on.


  • Bench and storage benches – Storage benches are an excellent way to add extra seating for your guest. They can easily be moved from guest bedrooms and can be used as storage when you don’t have guest.


  • Accent chairs – accent chairs are a great way to add extra seating for guest. You can easily pull up accent chairs to a dining table or from living area to living area so that you can dine or watch TV in style.



  • Lounge bags aka beanbags – The lounge bag is the sophisticated way of saying ‘bean bag’. Beanbags have come a long way since the old school kids room staple. They now come in difference lux fabrics and are ultra comfortable. They are a more casual way to adding seating to a movie or game night.