What you want to know

Our customer service is a priority, we want our customers to leave happy, feeling good about their purchase. We've pulled together our top questions that we are asked by customers shopping in the store and answered them here to help clarify and make you feel confident when shopping with Big's Furniture. Why are your prices lower…
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5 Seating Options for Extra Guest

Major holidays may be over but hosting season never ends. Whether you’re hosting a casual event like Sunday football or a formal dinner party, extra seating is always a common concern. The majority of us can agree, there has been a time while preparing to host an event that you wondered, where is everyone going to…
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The Basics of a Minimalistic Home

Having a minimalistic home has numerous benefits. Not only does a minimalistic interior look elegant, it also provides homeowners with a stress-free environment that they’d love to come home to after a long day’s work. If you think you’re ready to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle, below are the things you need to remember: 1. Less…
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